Saturday, May 30, 2009

A sad note

Mr. Bug, our lethocerus americanus, has passed away. He's eaten his last fish.
On the positive, we'll now send him on for a 4H project. And I'm contemplating what the next science pet should be. I'm leaning towards a translucent hybrid frog kit like this one. I'm not really interested in ant farms, and we don't want an actual pet at this time.

On another note, I still find myself waffling about math. Currently, we're using a combination of Miquon and Singapore Earlybird 2A. I also have Earlybird 2B. I've liked the Earlybird and I'm very impressed with Miquon, but I somehow feel that this all isn't concrete and drill oriented enough. Also, Sweet Pea is speeding through the Singapore. When she finished the books that we have I'd like to stick with the Miquon and maybe try something else. Maybe. Maybe?
I'm looking at A beka and Saxon. Saxon seems like it'd be too slow moving and I've read complaints that it leaves kids behind level. A beka gets really good reviews for the early years, but what would we move to after that?
For whatever reason, the choice of math curricula haunts me more then any other subject. I know it's slighty silly (or incredibly) but I really feel like no matter what I use I'll wish we've used something else.

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