Monday, March 4, 2013


I will still be using my book lists I posted. My new plans should give us more time for good literature, not less. This was a driving factor in the switch, other then the cost issue.

We've been so bogged down by historical fiction we've been losing the joy and flow of history, itself.

This also reminds me of something important. There is no perfect curricula. There are things perfect or close for individuals in seasons, but no one program that meets all needs at all times. So when something isn't right, and you can't make it feel right, it's ok to let it go and search out a better fit.

I have loved programs in the past and been devoted. Now, we don't use those things. And that ok.

It's about the journey as much as the ending.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shopping the shelves

I know I posted plans for the upcoming year that were different. I reserve the right to tweak until I start buying.

Inspired by the CiRCE info and some thrifty threads I have been trolling through my shelves.

I have enough stuff already purchased to do Middle Ages history next year. Usually history is a big chunk of my budget since we do a lot of books along with it, so this is great.

My oldest was hitting a wall of sorts with Saxon math. It wasn't too hard but it was becoming too time consuming. I switched her to CLE which is cheap, seems sound, and much less time intensive. If it keeps going well I will switch Little Bird once she finished Saxon 1.

Sweet Pea is still using Writing Tales 1 and while I love the idea it's so unequal in work load. Some days it takes ten minutes and some days it's over an hour. This makes planning hard and frustrates her. I believe we may try CLE language arts, as well.

Little Bird is working rapidly through Hooked on Phonics 2nd grade! She's making great progress and once she's done I will finish phonics out with the Ordinary Parent's Guide, which I already own. Handwriting is going great as well and she's almost ready to transition from handwriting to copy work.

Once I comb my shelves more I hope to post with more updated plans!


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