Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cabinet organization and our homeschool room

This room is also our dining room, so the decor is a little dual purpose.
Here's the view of the room from the kitchen. This is the whole room.

We do most of our schooling at the table. It allows us enough room for Sweet Pea to do her work, me to record what we're doing and help, and Little Bird to do Play-Doh or color. I like that we can all be together at the same time.
I have two cabinets that close that I put all the messy and weird shaped stuff in.

They allow me to close away the chaos and not worry about how the kids put away the art stuff. I also keep some homeschooling stuff that we use occasionally, or that I plan to use but am not currently in the cabinets.

See that mess? Unless the cabinets are open, you can't!

I have a book shelf that I keep our current, in use, stuff in. That whole top shelf is just religious ed. stuff right now! Since I'm involved in putting things away, this stays reasonably well ordered. Usually.

Last but not least we have our huge maps. It's pretty classy having these up when I'm entertaining, but they are very useful for geography and history, so they stay.

And now you can picture where all of our fabulous learning happens!

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  1. Oh my, I initally read one of your MDC posts wrong, I thought you said Sweet Pea will be going to public school in the fall. I rushed over her to make sure it wasn't true! Then I read it more slowly, she "would" be first grade if she went to school in the fall. Whew!



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