Monday, May 24, 2010

What a productive day looks like

Well, the parts that I can provide pictures for, anyway.

We did 5 lessons from the Ordinary Parent's Guide- Sweet Pea is really eager to just finish it up!

Then, we did Lesson 7 from Rod and Staff's English. The sentences are very Bible heavy- but they are also very writing and grammar heavy. Sweet Pea seems to have a better grasp on the process already, so I'm very glad. She's also getting better at producing what I think is a more realistic output level, as well. Soon I'm going to start assigning writing from science and history, as well. So that's great news!

Next was the part of the day I'm pretty sure the girls enjoyed the most- glitter painting. On the bottom of one you'll notice my feet- I left them in for scale. :) Sweet Pea made the one with hand prints, the other is Little Bird's.

After the Sweet Pea did more math. Today we worked on subtraction and word problems.

Sweet Pea finished a spelling lesson.

After that we reviewed lessons 1-4 from Story of the World.

We ended the evening with the day's entry from Treasury of Daily Prayer.

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