Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Insert clever title here

Thinking up a title is a hard part of this for me- doesn't saying, "Daily Report" or similar get redundant? Isn't blogging daily what we did redundant?
I don't know.
I'm also evaluating what I blog about here, whether I want to keep it so narrow as to mostly be a narrative of what we accomplish- or don't, or whether I want to talk about other things as well. Probably still homeschool-related, or at least child-related.
I also don't know.

Anyway. Today we read another chapter of Charlotte's Web. Sweet Pea requested that when we finish this, we start Little House on Rocky Ridge, and I think that's a great plan. This tandem outloud reading has mostly taken the place of regular phonics.
Sweet Pea did the day's page in Writing with Ease- I'm really, really looking forward to when this is done and we can try something else for Language Arts.
She did exercises 1-6 of Unit 2: Number Bonds in Primary Mathematics. I think she could have done the last exercise as well, but I left it for tomorrow so we could get outside to play. Taking the extra time to practice the number bonds really paid off- she did the pages easily and confidently and I feel good about us moving forward.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I think that we have the number bonds from 1-10 down. Singapore also calls it factoring- it's basically just breaking numbers down into their parts. It's one of the early lessons in Primary Mathematics 1a, and you aren't meant to move on until it's firm according to the Home Instructor's Guide. We've used the Cuisenaire rods and some pages I made, and then we'll go through and use the workbook pages.
Yay, Sweet Pea!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back to the regularly scheduled program... mostly

This week we have reintroduced math and copywork/handwriting. It's nice to be adding things back in- for all of us!
We've kept up with phonics and free reading- and I'm eagerly beginning to anticipate when we are done with phonics and only working on spelling. Soon enough!

Sweet Pea has really been enjoying the Star Wars leveled readers from DK and I took today copywork from that.

We're working on number bonds in Singapore and I suspect that we may linger here a little longer then the week that the chapter is budgeted for. I'm completely OK with that, though- and so glad to have the instructor's guide to talk me through that. Primary Mathematics wants you to have all of the number bonds for the numbers 1-10 down before moving on.

I hope to have spelling back by next week and move on to a new science chapter- right now we've just been reviewing.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


No, this blog isn't defunct, despite that appearance. I just had a baby! Baby Moose (not his real name) was born Monday at home, weighing in at nine pounds, even. We're both doing well.

In the meantime my mother is here to help- and a huge help she's been! We've been doing what I'll call Grammy-school.

Sweet Pea has learned: how to wash dishes in the sink, how to load and unload a dishwasher, how to make coffee, how to make sandwiches, as well as doing some phonics.

Little Bird has learned: how to fold towels and wash clothes, put away cloth diapers, and had lots and lots of snuggle time with Grammy reading to her.

This upcoming week we'll reintroduce math- Sweet Pea has been asking for it. I think we'll also add some copywork because I don't want to let handwriting go too long. Sweet Pea has been keeping up on her reading, and is coming along really well with her stamina and is really starting to love curling up with a book.


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