Monday, May 25, 2009

Observations about long distance driving with young children after this trip:
-I'm glad that we DON'T have a DVD player
-I actually ran out of verses of Old MacDonald's farm- there's only so many animals with sounds that I can think of
-Minnesota is a LONG state
-Living rurally has altered the way I see city drivers
-"I Spy" gets old fast
-Having the oldest read to the youngest in the car- sweetest sounds ever. Too cute.

We drove from about 11:30 AM until 10:30 PM with two short bathroom and gas breaks and a supper stop. It was long and tiring, but the kids did really well. It was neat to listen to Sweet Pea telling Little Bird stories. Sweet Pea has made up her own world called Strawberry Land with a fairy kitten family. The family all share the same name- Meow Meow and all seem to be pink with wings. And sometimes they change colors. There's a funny song to go with all this, as well. She's quirky and cute and all ours. <3

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  1. Hey, we just got back from Adam's folks house today and I completely forgot you guys were going to be in Chicago!!! How long are you there? We'd love to see you so let me know!



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