Friday, May 15, 2009

Phonics update!

We are officially half way through Hooked on Phonics 1st grade and one third of the way through McGuffey's Primer.
This means that we've finished the orange workbook and the yellow workbook in Hooked on Phonics. They've introduced most short vowel words and most word combination beginnings as well as the idea of multisyllable words like, "kitten and picnic." There's a pretty hefty stack of sight word flash cards that Sweet Pea has memorized and that's really opening up what she can read. Next is the red workbook which deals with word endings- multi-letter like pitch and more complex like -ing and -ed. It's upped the length of the included phonics readers to 16 pages and they are now in color. In between the two workbooks for the level are three 50 page chapter books. We'll start those with our next lesson.
In McGuffey's Primer we are on lesson 15 (or XV in the book) and page 20. There are 60 pages of reading and then some slate exercises. They've introduced concepts at a quicker clip- short vowels and some long, 3-5 letter words. A few sight words. Sweet Pea really likes these as a change of pace. She also likes the pictures and that most of the stories are about animals and children.
Overall, I'm very proud of Sweet Pea's progress with reading! She's slowly getting more confident. Reading a book with a lot of words can still be slow going while she sounds out the words she doesn't recognize but she is able to move through the material.
Great job, Sweatheart!

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