Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm so excited- we only have 15 more ending sounds to work through to finish the 1st grade Hook on Phonics level! I'm letting Sweet Pea have a McGuffey bread while we finish this level. Once we get through it I'd like to do 30 pages or so of the Primer before beginning the 2nd grade level.
I've started researching our next move after that and there are a few directions that we could go in. I'm not sure where we'll go- some of that depends on Sweet Pea's comfort level after we finish what we have.
We could get the Hooked on Phonics Master Reader- but I honestly don't know if I'd like this as much as I do the other levels. My understanding of it is that it's computer based and I don't want to use any computer games for her at this age.
We could do one of the upper levels of Explode the Code- but I don't know offhand what level or if that would be really beneficial or not.
We could just use the McGuffey's readers. I know that my husband and his budget would like this one. ;)
There's Abeka and McRuffy and an almost infinite number of other programs. I need to start narrowing it down, obsessively researching, and then planning.
That's my speciality.

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