Saturday, June 27, 2009

I know it sounds silly

But I'm itching to get to this fall. I want to start- to dive in and enjoy all of the great and fun stuff that I have planned. This feeling is especially strong on gloomy, rainy days like this.
I know waiting is better and that I'll be happy this fall that we stuck to the schedule- and I know that good things are happening this summer. Sweet Pea is nearing the end of another level of phonics and can now write all the lower case letters in cursive. She's closer to easily counting to 100. I feel like it's all prep work - good prep work, but still more prep then actual schooling.
Almost everything is ready in binders and arranged. I do need another cabinet to hold everything as we keep expanding. But otherwise? I think we're good to go.
Fall, hurry up!

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