Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Bird

I'm planning Little Bird's year out right now. She turns 4 in about a week! When Sweet Pea was 4 she had a lot of workbooks. I'm not planning to do the same thing with Little Bird.

She is currently working through the Explode the Code primer A. We also have B and C for her, and when she's done with those I think we're done with the series. She's slowly working through Hooked on Phonics K and the Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading. I'd like her to be fluently reading CVC words by Christmas.

She's in the early lessons of Saxon Math K. We'll work through that this year and hopefully finish by spring.

Once I find the box ;) I'm starting Cursive First with her. She knows all her ABCs and is starting to write letters and I want her to have proper form.

She listens in on big sis's science and history.

She's doing really well in French.

Bible and Catechism- this year is the New Testament and continued memorization.

We'll also read through the Year O books from Ambleside as found here.

Cost of new curricula for the year? $0. :)

I call that a Pre-K year well planned!

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  1. $0...GREAT planning :-)

    I followed your link from the WTMboards and enjoyed reading your latest posts! I have a 7yoDD and a 4yoDD, too.

    best wishes,



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