Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekly Report, Week 2

Week Two had two unplanned no-to- minimal school days, so that hurt our progress a little. We'll finish the rest of the work tomorrow afternoon. Fortunately, the school time we missed was missed for fun reasons, not anything bad.

Language Arts
Sweet Pea

We didn't do any Language Arts last week, so this was the first of the school year. We did writing, grammar, and spelling. Sweet Pea is a visual learner, and she spells words by picturing them in her mind (her description). This seems to be working pretty well for her, but we're doing a systematic spelling program, anyway. This is a short and sweet part of our day and takes less then 5 minutes, three times a week. The plan was to do writing and grammar 5 times this week, but we only accomplished 4. We will do that final lesson tomorrow afternoon.

My overall feelings in this area for the week are very good. Sweet Pea is very capable of the current workload while still being appropriately challenged.

Little Bird

Little Bird was happy this week to get her own ABC draw erase cards. I also am having her go through pages when we are reading and find the letters she knows.

Sweet Pea

We did four complete days of math instruction so far this week- day 5 will be tomorrow afternoon. This means that we did work from both of our programs. Sweet Pea did Primary Mathematics workbook pages 49-52, covering addition and subtraction, and worked through pages of addition and subtraction from Math Mammoth, as well. We continue to work on cementing math facts, as well as increasing ease in playing with numbers.


Sweet Pea and Little Bird

Together we talked about Hammurabi and written laws, and how they impact society. We built a ziggurat from Duplos. We may or may not cover some material on the Assyrians tomorrow- we'll try but it's a lower priority then some of the other catch up work.


Sweet Pea

We talked about animal classification, focusing on the differences between invertebrates and vertebrates. We talked about the 5 animal kingdoms, and where commonly thought of animals fit in.

Sweet Pea and Little Bird

We did Lesson 2 of Le Francais Facile. We also reviewed colors, shapes, greetings, numbers, and size words.

Sweet Pea and Little Bird

We covered the first home/ garden of Eden this week. This was a good week to cover this since we brought the rest of the potatoes out of our garden.

Sweet Pea

We have covered through the 5th Commandment now. I'm glad we are doing this daily and incorporating the Catechism into our daily life on a regular, intentional basis.

Family Fun/ Field Trip

We had friends over multiple times this week- something that the children always enjoy. We also went to visit my in-laws at their lake home 2 hours to the south of us, so the girls got the chance to swim, attend another fair, and play in the woods.


  1. For having two short days, y'all boogied through some work... and had good play time, too!

  2. We did! I really think a lot of that is that we are using a filing system- I can easily see what is still undone and figure out how best to accomplish the most important work.



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