Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Daily Report

Last night we went to a picnic where my kids got to see some animals and even get donkey rides. A great time was had by all, despite the weather and Little Bird falling off a donkey.

We were out late last night, though, so this morning we started late and slow. This means that we did things out of order and ended up even doing some of the work after rest time.
We started the morning with writing because I can set Sweet Pea up with it, do the lesson together and then she can work on her part independently. This gave me extra time with my coffee and my tired little children. This is what works looks like before it's corrected- Sweet Pea is a pretty good speller but obviously needs some more time and work!

We talked about the Garden of Eden today, as well as prayer. My girls have very different perspectives at this point!

The we worked on the Third Commandment and it's meaning. Sweet Pea knows the 10 Commandments, but we are still working on the meanings.

After that we did French. I like that we do one lesson a week so we have all week to work on pronunciation and vocabulary retention.

We did 1/2 of the math I had planned for the day. Today we mostly did addition.

We had lunch, then rest time, and then Sweet Pea finished math and we did history. We talked about Hammurabi and his written laws. I like having examples of what he considered fair to discuss. Sweet Pea always really enjoys the mapping portion of our lessons and seeing where things happened and what is there now.

Just one of the many flashcards we laminated so Little Bird can have lots of practice with the dry erase markers.

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