Wednesday, December 2, 2009

On vacation- again!

I promise that we don't normally travel this much. And ironically, both times that we've journeyed in the last few weeks have to Nebraska- first to Omaha and now to the more rural western side.
Nebraska seems to be quite a nice place. And I am very, very pleased with how well my kids have been travelling. We don't have DVD players or video game systems for the kids- they look at books, look out the window, or sings songs and play games together. And they can do that for quite a large amount of time- this trip was about 16 hours by car to get here.
Sweet Pea has FINALLY finished the myriad lessons on the "oo" type sounds in Ordinary Parent's Guide. I still can't fully wrap my head around how many slightly different but importantly different- and even regionally determined- sounds there are. Yipes. I'm glad that that's done!
I have also cheated the last couple of grammar lessons- I look at what she needs to know and instead of reading through the whole lesson I just ask her a few questions about the points and if she can answer them then we are finished with it for the day. I may end up condensing the rest of the noun lessons because I am pretty sure that she thouroughly grasps the difference between common and proper nouns and what to capitalize.

I seem to have a hang- up about skipping things, and that's something that I need to get better about. My desire to not miss anything leads to us doing redundant work and at this point Sweet Pea is very tolerant and patient with me.

The biggest drawback I see about homeschooling isn't socialization, or cost, or any of the usual concerns I read about- it's that the responsibility rests all on the parents. That's true in a school setting ultimately as well, but it feels so much more pronounced at home. If my children are behind or lacking I feel like it's all me- and that's daunting! And slightly irrational to worry about because at this point Sweet Pea is anything but behind. I don't suspect that Little Bird will move at the same pace (although I don't know that for sure) but I don't see any reason she'd be behind either.

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