Thursday, December 17, 2009

Daily report and advent crafting

I'm considering not rewriting things in cursive anymore soon- and seeing how Sweet Pea does just doing the cursive on her own.

We're really enjoying Math Mammoth at the moment. That's good because we are almost out of lessons in the Earlybird and the new level of Singapore that I've ordered hasn't arrived. I plan to order the subtraction and some of the other light blue files soon.

These are salt dough ornaments. This isn't all of them, just a sampling of the best of the bunch. :) This is a really easy project that was enjoyed greatly by the 5.5 year old, the 2.5 year old, and by me. The recipe that I used was very simple and I plan to use it next year as well. It was 1/2 cup warm water, 1/2 cup salt and 1 cup flour. We rolled them out to about 1/4 inc thick, cut them with cookie cutters, and used a chop stick to make the holes at the top. I baked them at 250F for 2 hours, and then we painted them. Easy!


  1. ahh, too cute!!! Thanks so much for the idea, ill be trying it soon!

    Yesterday I took large plastic cups and let the kids paint them green. Once they dried I pulled out handfuls of colored cotton balls of varying sizes and let them glue them on all over as ornaments. Then I took a yellow pipe cleaner and shaped it into a star and put one on top of each "tree". That combined with a bath due to too much fun with paint took up our whole morning :D

  2. I like the salt dough cookies. They turned out so pretty!

    I think it's interesting how M's handwriting sometimes slopes like the cursive I learned and is sometimes quite straight. Has she been exposed to multiple cursive fonts?

  3. Cool, we are doing salt dough ornaments tomorrow! And maybe a salt dough world map?



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