Monday, October 26, 2009


Latin: We started Prima Latina today. We listened to the pronunciation guide and the first lesson. I initially thought that it could be adapted to a secular homeschool but now that's I'm reading more and actually using it I think it would be difficult. There is a big emphasis on Christian Latin. That makes it well suited to our family, though and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Even Little Bird was echoing the words!

Math: We started- and subsequantly finished- Lesson 3 in Singapore today. It was more basic addition and grouping. Sweet Pea seems to grasp it well, but it's not mental math at this point, it's counting objects. She's accurate and quick and satisfied, though.
Doing pattern blocks or tangrams is a great addition- I'm so glad we brought them back out!

Grammar: First Language Lessons continues to go well. Sweet Pea is working on her second poem memorization and has nouns down cold.

Writing: This went smoothly today. We seem to be over the slump there. Handwriting is continuing to improve, as is Sweet Pea's ability to properly copy sentences.

Phonics: We're on lesson 108 of Ordinary Parent's Guide. There's really no good reason that we aren't doing this faster. Sweet Pea is capable, it's quick, it's easy. Most days we just prefer to read out of books and talk about new sounds as they come up. We'll continue working, but I am not going to worry if we don't hit goals for where I thought we'd be.

Memorization: I'm coming to realize that we do more then most Well Trained Mind followers. We do all of it in First Language Lessons and we also do a fair chunk of memorization for family and church. I think this is a good thing, though. I think the earlier that you practice and hone the skill the more you can use it as you age.

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  1. This reminds me that I really need to find a new memorization passage. GAH! I'm impressed with your dedication to that.



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