Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daily Report

Latin: We reviewed the vocabulary yesterday and today. I think we're going to do two weeks per lesson for now that way we have time to do the vocab well as well as the workbook work. Faster then that would be pushing it, I think.

Math: More tangrams, (something that is encouraging me to scour around for more books) and number play. Sweet Pea has a set of addition flashcards that she is using of her own volition and on her own time.

Grammar: Sweet Pea has the second poem down well. She also has the definition of nouns down VERY well. She can recite and understand it and apply it.

Writing: She told me today that she likes writing now. Good thing, because we are slowly ramping up to more and more.

Sweet Pea and Little Bird had fun making scarecrows to add to our fall decorations. Sweet Pea's is on the left, Little Bird's the right. Obviously there was some parental involvement in the making of these, but the kids had a great time.

And more of Sweet Pea's favorite drawing topic- space.


  1. Those scarecrows are a cute idea!

    I'll have to remember that for next year, since we just got our first official snow fall today.

  2. We came into FLL on year 2 so we missed Work while you work the first year. We are working on memorizing it now. The littles love it!

    I love the scarecrows =) Stealing that idea for next month!



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