Thursday, April 30, 2009

Field trip down to the Twin Cities

I saw this mural on a building and had to take a picture.

Driving into St. Paul. My kids were awestruck at the big city. The largest town they are used to is 12,000 and has no sky scrapers.

The reason for our visit- Little Bird needed a checkup at the hospital here.

Our hotel was right by the state capital. Sweet Pea was very impressed that people get to work in a castle like this. :)

Some of the marble inside- it was really neat to show the kids.

These flags are actually from the Dakota and Civil Wars. What an awesome piece of history!

Inside the Governor's office.

View from the steps over the downtown.

This is the Catholic Cathedral downtown- it was amazing and beautiful.

The view on the way home. When they say north woods, it's accurate.

Leech Lake is one of the biggest lakes and is one our way up north.

This is Paul Bunyan and Babe. This is a big deal up here- these were built early in the last century and then repaired.

We had a really good trip, despite why we had to go- and the kids got to see a lot of neat things that are different then what they see day to day.

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