Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekly Report, Week 4

We had a great week this week!

Language Arts
Sweet Pea

We are progressing well through R&S English. Today we did the first review lesson (lesson 5) in Unit 2. Sweet Pea is doing well with finding nouns and deciding what type of noun is what. We also worked on proper punctuation for list making this week.

Little Bird

Little Bird is still working on her ABCs. She is also now starting to do some "pre-writing" stuff. I don't think she'll be ready to make letters for some time yet, but it's fun to see her learning!

Sweet Pea

We finished section 5 in Primary Math, so we've done the positioning stuff. We may start the next section a little later then I'd planned because I'm taking a small break from the book to make sure that all math facts 0-10 and doubles 0-20 are firm in her mind.


Sweet Pea and Little Bird

This week was Ancient India. This lesson was particularly interesting for my girls because they know a sweet little girl who is from India.


Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea research bats and wrote a report about them. I am seeing that the First Animals Encyclopedia we have is not enough for what we need and I'm looking for something with large pictures but more information.

Sweet Pea and Little Bird

We did Lesson 4 of Le Francais Facile. We also reviewed colors, shapes, greetings, numbers, and size words. We also got a new CD of French children's songs to play when the girls are coloring or playing. I picked one with a France French accent since our main program has a decidedly Quebec sound to it.

Sweet Pea and Little Bird

We covered the promised savior this week. Little Bird was relieved to add this in- she was a little upset at where it ended last week!

Sweet Pea

We have covered through the 9th Commandment now. I think we'll finished the sheets for the commandments this week and then we'll review and move on.

Family Fun

I'll post pictures tomorrow, but this evening I let the girls spread out on the kitchen floor with water colors and paint pictures. They were really excited- we haven't gotten to do as much messy art since the baby has gotten mobile. This was a great treat for them!


  1. Making a mess is always a treat! Sounds like a full week. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How cute that Family Fun makes for a category on your weekly report - love that!!! I may have to start adding that in, too! ;)



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