Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Homeschooling with a baby

Instead of regaling you with thrilling tales from our school week today I thought I'd talk about how homeschooling is going with the baby.

For the record, my children are 6, 3, and 5.5 months old.

Having an increasingly mobile and interested baby rolling around makes things interesting. We're moving everything up vertically by degrees. We do have more time to read- when I'm sitting and nursing is a great time to read to/with the girls.

It makes some things more complicated, though. Anything with little pieces needs to be kept carefully picked up. The days of money strewn about to play store are over! Working on art projects with him awake is an adventure- he reaches and grabs and eats everything he possibly can.

Now that we've adjusted, it's not as complicated as I worried it would be. We're doing more structured schooling then last year, and I honestly think it's going better.


  1. I find homeschooling with a baby to be relatively easy, especially once you're over that hump of postpartum.

    My two big "AHHHH!" times have been around 10/11 months to 14/15 months, and then w/ ds, around 21 months to 25 months. So far so good this time around (21 months hits on Friday) but our playroom is the other half of the schoolroom now.

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