Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekly Report, Week 3

Wow, is it REALLY week three already? How does time go so quickly?

Language Arts
Sweet Pea

We finished unit 1 of our English program. 1/6 of the way through! We worked a lot on sentence order, proper sentence beginning, and ending.

We have also finished 4 lessons of spelling now.

I think overall we're making great LA progress!

Little Bird

Little Bird is still working on her ABCs. This is one of her favorite parts of "doing school."

Sweet Pea

We finished another section in Primary Mathematics. We have also finished 2/3 of Math Mammoth Addition 1 now! Math is going really well, and is something Sweet Pea looks forward to everyday.


Sweet Pea and Little Bird

Together we talked about the Assyrians this week.


Sweet Pea

We talked about animal classification, focusing on the differences between invertebrates and vertebrates. We talked about the 5 animal kingdoms, and where commonly thought of animals fit in.

Sweet Pea and Little Bird

We did Lesson 3 of Le Francais Facile. We also reviewed colors, shapes, greetings, numbers, and size words.

Sweet Pea and Little Bird

We covered the first sin this week. We also talked a lot about Heaven, forgiveness, and death.

Sweet Pea

We have covered through the 6th Commandment now. I'm glad we are doing this daily and incorporating the Catechism into our daily life on a regular, intentional basis.

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