Monday, August 2, 2010

First day of school!

We did our first day of the year today. I wanted an early August start date so we could easily fit 18 weeks in before Christmas this year.
Today we did Bible, Catechism, and French. All three we did together. Little Bird also spent some time coloring with dry erase markers and some pages I have for her while Sweet Pea did the writing for Bible and Catechism.
I wanted to start with the first part of our day and see how it went before adding more in. And I'm glad I did- I really like what we've got going for the first part of the school day. It's less then an hour, so it fits really well into my total time goals. Tomorrow we add in history, and by this time next week we should be running full school days!

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  1. I'm starting my school with the kids next Monday. I have acquired more curriculum from a fellow pastor's wife and suddenly our schedule looks quite full. we shall see what gets weeded out if anything.



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