Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Formidable List of Attainments for a Child of Six

I got this list from Ambleside Online, year 0.

"A Formidable List of Attainments for a Child of Six"

A reprint of a curriculum outline from a CM school in the 1890's. from Summer 93 Parents Review pub by Karen Andreola

1. To recite, beautifully, 6 easy poems and hymns

So far Sweet Pea knows: The Caterpillar, Work, Hearts are Like Doors, Days of the Week, Lord- Keep us Steadfast in Your Love, Away in a Manger, and Silent Night.

2. to recite, perfectly and beautifully, a parable and a psalm

We need to work on this- now that Advent is over we should be able to.

3. to add and subtract numbers up to 10, with dominoes or counters


4. to read--what and how much, will depend on what we are told of the child

Check! Sweet Pea is now working through the first Magic Treehouse book. :)

5. to copy in print-hand from a book

We're doing cursive, but Sweet Pea's handwriting and copying are doing really well.

6. to know the points of the compass with relation to their own home, where the sun rises and sets, and the way the wind blows

Sweet Pea knows where the sun sets and rises, but I don't think off a map she knows the compass points.

7. to describe the boundries of their own home


8. to describe any lake, river, pond, island etc. within easy reach

Check- we have one lake in sight from my home, and lots of woods. Do woods count?

9. to tell quite accurately (however shortly) 3 stories from Bible history, 3 from early English, and 3 from early Roman history (my note here, we may want to substitute early American for early English!)

From the Bible- check, early English- nope, early Roman one.

3 from10. to be able to describe 3 walks and 3 views


11. to mount in a scrap book a dozen common wildflowers, with leaves (one every week); to name these, describe them in their own words, and say where they found them.

She has a leaf collection, but flower collecting is on hiatus until the world thaws out.

12. to do the same with leaves and flowers of 6 forest trees

We're working on this through our science program this year.

13. to know 6 birds by song, colour and shape

Also part of our science plans.

14. to send in certain Kindergarten or other handiwork, as directed

Nothing to send in to, but we're going to start crochet with Sweet Pea soon.

15. to tell three stories about their own "pets"--rabbit, dog or cat.

Sweet Pea has lots of stories she likes to recount about Ursa, our puppy.

16. to name 20 common objects in French, and say a dozen little sentences

We're just starting to compile and figure out how we're doing French, but soon hopefully we can begin checking this off the list.

17. to sing one hymn, one French song, and one English song

Check- if Alouette counts. :)

18. to keep a caterpillar and tell the life-story of a butterfly from his own observations.

Hopefully this summer!

I feel like we're in a good plae with this list- especially since Sweet Pea is 5 until April.

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  1. Sorry to be posting this so late, but our computer has been down. Interesting list because ds1 turns 6 in March. Overall he did pretty well on the list too, with a few things we could work on. What do you use for science? Curious.



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