Monday, December 14, 2009

More French thoughts

Specifically about curriculum choices and panic because everything seems either really expensive or really cheap, or both.
Right now the most feasible choice seems to be something in the lines of the Hooked on Phonic's Hooked on French which looks short, but reasonably cheap. Also similar is the Berlitz Kids French Language Pack.
I like the look of the Power-Glide Elementary French kids stuff- but ouch. Ditto for Le Francais Facile and Rosetta Stone French.
And I'm really confused about the differences between homeschool French Rosetta stone and the personal ones. They're the same price.
I prefer homeschooling when I have everything picked out and set.

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  1. I have Rosetta Stone. The difference between the homeschool version and the regular (individual) version is that with the homeschool version you can keep track of both progress and performance. I have the regular version but plan to replace it with the homeschool version. All other versions I buy from now on will also be the homeschool versions. I have to budget and save for Rosetta Stone but I think that it is worth it.



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