Monday, August 9, 2010

Week Two

Week two started off really well. We did the same morning routine as last week- Bible, Catechism, then French. Then we did writing (Rod and Staff) and spelling (also Rod and Staff). After that we did math- Sweet Pea did Math Mammoth Addition 1 and Subtraction 1 work as well as Primary Mathematics work. I'm pleased to say she's doing really well with the introduction of subtraction. After that we did our first lesson from Artistic Pursuits.

Sweet Pea was really excited to get to do art as a class- I suspect that this will be a big favorite each week. I like that it includes picture study along with technique.

Little Bird had a great time with dry erase markers and a set of letter flashcards that I meticulously laminated last night. I really wish I had a laminator- using an iron takes forever!

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