Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 22!

First- some new art. Sweet Pea made me a pretty snowflake. We're seeing a lot of snow lately, so it's a pretty unsurprising topic.

I'm really liking this one- this is a picture of me made by Little Bird. It's also the first pciture she's made that's really recognizable as a face!

Last week was mostly vacation, except the previously mentioned accomplishment of finishing McGuffey's Primer. It was a needed little break, though, since we schooled straight through Christmas.
This week is back to normal, I think, though.
We started the day with writing. I think it's safe to say that Sweet Pea is a copywork expert. I don't think she's quite ready to move onto dictation, though, so we're chugging along with copywork.
I am beginning to debate about continuing both First Language Lessons (our grammar) and Writing With Ease (our writing) next year or switching. I've been reading quite a few threads on the WTM board recently about WWE and while I think that Susan Wise Bauer makes a lot of sense in laying out the whys of the program I'm just not certain that it's going to put us where we need to be, when we need to be there. If that makes sense. I'm not sure exactly what we'd move to, but I'm considering a move. I know a lot of people use Rod and Staff's program, and I've heard quite a bit about CLE's stuff, too. I'm not sure at all, though. Good thing that there's still quite a bit of time to figure it out before next year arrives!

We did Math Mammoth today. Sweet Pea did a great job with the clock pages I gave her- we'd already covered hours in Singapore, so it was review. Things fell apart a bit when we did the number line pages though. Sweet Pea adds really, really well in her head, but the number line really seemed to confuse her. She didn't like it. She was making silly mistakes. She got through the pages, but it was funny to see how relieved she was at the end to have a bunch of mental math problems!
While the two of us worked through the unexpectedly difficult pages, Little Bird played with our Judy clock. I'm really glad we got one- it's impossible to break, and it holds up to two year old abuse beautifully while still being useful for Sweet Pea.

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