Monday, January 25, 2010

Little Bird

I feel like this blog is almost all about Sweet Pea. My poor Little Bird! Sweet Pea is the only one school aged right now, and somehow the preschool type stuff seems a little less interesting for me to blog about.
I know that there's a lot of people homeschooling and still with toddlers, though, so that does seem a little silly.
So! Here's some musings and what we do for late 2/almost 3 year old preschooling right now.

Literacy/phonics: We're going easy here. Right now we sing the ABC song and when she wants to she listens in on Sweet Pea's structured phonics lessons. She watches the videos on Starfall. We read to her a lot- she's in the lucky position of having three readers in the family now. Sweet Pea helps when mom and dad are busy- it's really sweet to see the two girls snuggle together while enjoying a story.

Math: I have this set of books from when I was little- they are from Discovery Toys. I'm not sure if they are still in print or available, but I love them. They are simple, cute, and focus on 1-10 by telling stories about the same little monster. Little Bird is already familiar with the basic shape groups and colors, in large part from playing with our pattern blocks.

History/cultural awareness: lots of nursery rhymes and hymns. We read books about different holidays and liturgical seasons. Right now we are ending Epiphany and getting ready to start pre-Lent.

Otherwise my focus is on writing readiness through working on fine motor control. This means lots of playing with modeling dough, lacing beads, coloring, and working on buttons, zippers, and other little manipulations. She sits through a lot of lessons with her sister and I.

My goals are to start our handwriting program and our math around age four. Around that time we'll also start adding in systematic phonics. And then we'll roll into what we're doing this year with Sweet Pea when she's ready.

Now that I'm looking at it- it is a little exciting, and it's a lot fun on a daily basis.


  1. I feel that way about my little 'uns, too. Even when I make an effort to tack them on to the weekly report or what have you, it just seems like an afterthought, even though of course it's not!

    I love watching sibling read to each other/be read to!

  2. It is so fascinating (and exciting) to hear from many parents like you who are now spawning the second generation of Discovery Toys kids. I have been selling Discovery Toys for 15 years, but never saw the set of books you are showing. I hope you'll check out my blog and my site and contact me to learn about other good home schooling materials for your 2 yr old & 5 yr old.



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