Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mcguffey progress

We have the final lesson left in the primer, then we have completed it! So glad that we picked these back up. I really like how they have cursive to read and copy, and the stories are so sweet.

We had another great homeschool benefit tonight- keeping the kids up late to make and eat impromptu cookies.

I'm starting to look at planning and preparing and goal setting for February- I'm due with #3 at the end of the month and I think the idea of taking a chunk of time off sounds nice- but I worry that the lack of routine will lead to boredom, chaos, and behavior problems. I'm trying to set up some daily independent activities for both girls, but I'm having a tough time figuring out what NEEDS to happen everyday.


  1. I decided to teach J out of the McGuffey's for a little while. He had pretty much decided he hated OPGTR, so I'm hoping the break with something new will help him. Then, when we finish, I'll pull the old switcheroo and make him change back. ;)

  2. I think that's really smart. With Sweet Pea we've done a fair amount of alternating between between Hooked on Phonics, the OPG, and McGuffey's- and it really seems to have helped keep her interest. Any time that she starts complaining about what we're doing I have something handy to whip out, and they are all different enough to make it work.



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