Monday, March 7, 2011

Initial Saxon review

We've been using Saxon math here for the last month or so. Both girls have been using it (at different levels, obviously ).

Some things I've noticed already vs. Singapore:
  • parental involvement
  • time
  • review
  • manipulatives
  • level
Parental involvement is much higher in Saxon. There's a lot of time spent teaching and working together, so if you are looking for a self teaching book this is not it. You will not really be able to just assign a lesson and do something else while they work.

Time seems to be less right now. Teaching and Meeting book don't really take long, and the workbook pages are so well covered before they are assigned that it's not difficult for the child to finish. We're doing both pages in one sitting, all the problems.

Review. This is one of the biggest reasons we switched and something I am really happy with. Something is introduced and then constantly revisited and refreshed. Sweet Pea was really frustrated with Singapore that topics would come up, she'd learn them, and then we'd leave them. I was spending a lot of time (and ink) finding or making review sheets for her. I didn't like that- I want a curriculum that has it all together for me.

Manipulatives- I really like all the hands on parts of Saxon. It's not all manipulative work like Miquon (which we tried and failed with) but it's not all book work, either. Singapore did have suggestions for hands on stuff, but as the parent you had to locate materials and plan it out and that can be really hard to do.

Level. I did not take Ewe's advice and go a level up. I should have. Sweet Pea finished Singapore 2a and 2B and I put her in Saxon 2. It's all really easy for her but it is building her confidence up so we'll just go through at a quicker place and move into Saxon 3 by fall. Singapore does seem more advanced then Saxon, but Saxon seems far more thorough. It kind of felt like Singapore was advancing at the cost of mastery.


  1. I love the new setup here. Very nice. I haven't had any problems viewing posts yet, either.

    Thanks again for last week!

  2. I'm glad you like it- and glad you haven't had any problems! I also really like your 100th day of school stuff- we'll have to do that next year.

    And no problem- I had a great time, too. :)

  3. Ooh! Pretty new layout! :D

    I've always been resistant to Singapore for some reason (probably because I'm ornery and obstinate, and if people rave over it, I have to go the other direction!), but this is a nice comparison of the two. I've always felt like *I* would have preferred Saxon when I was in school, kwim?

    Parental involvement with math is, ime/imo, such a 'reap what you sow' thing... it's certainly possible to put in less time at the early grades, but at some point, you're going to need to put it in. It just might be later if you delay it, yk?

  4. Hello! I am a new reader, but I just had to comment about Saxon. I am a Saxon believer. My son has been using Saxon since 3rd grade. He is in 10th now. He complains about the review, but knowing that it is good for him, I ignore him. ;) The parental involvement will decrease as your child gets older. My only involvement with my oldest is correcting his work. I am still very involved with my 4th grader, but I know that he will slowly learn to work his math independently.

  5. love the new layout! We're starting saxon 1 this fall with hockey boy. I too experienced great frustration with singapore that just as he would start to grasp a concept it would be left before mastery. Hockey boy really needed more time with the concepts he was working on.

  6. Kash- I agree completely!

    Tressays- welcome, and it's great to hear Saxon has worked so long and so well. It makes me optimistic!

    Melrose- I feel like I keep shucking things that at first seemed great. I'm much happier with the things we're using now, though, even if they aren't as trendy.



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