Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Two weeks, really?

I'm offline for the most part right now- my husband is gone on church business and I am visiting family. My husband's grandmother also just passed away, so we're funeral planning.

I am very excited to say that Sweet Pea has FINISHED the Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading! Finished! Woohoo! We're going back through and rereading some of the sentences for fun and review, but she knows all the material! I'm so pleased with this program and how easy to made the whole learning to read process. It was a really parent friendly way to work through phonics and has produced a cheerful, proficient reader.

Little Bird is making some fun progress with learning her ABCs now! She now knows A,B,C,D,E,F,G,I,M,O, and U. That's 11 out of 26 letters! We'll continue working on recognition and sounds. Right now we're doing 100% of our work on a white board with dry erase markers. Little Bird really loves that- when she knows a letter or sound she gets to erase it and she thinks that's just thrilling.

Otherwise I plan to resume the regular blabbering I do early next week.

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