Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Living the life liturgical

We are rapidly hurtling toward the Lenten season, and since we follow the one year lectionary my family is currently in pre-Lent. I'm looking around and trying to get things in order so we can incorporate some Lenten activities into our lives. It was easier during Advent- more established family and Church traditions guided that. Lent is a tougher nut for me to crack.
Others who celebrate Lent (that sounds wrong, but I don't know how to rephrase) have any family traditions? We currently have Luther's family devotion book, but I'm looking for something more.

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  1. I recently (finally) got my copy of Treasury of Daily Prayer, but I haven't started using it. It is my plan to be doing that daily starting in Lent, and I'm hoping that, as the kids hear the liturgies sung over and over, they'll pick it up, too. And I'll include them in the daily readings and prayers as well. They seem to pick up the sung liturgies quickly at worship, so I'm hopeful.



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