Friday, August 21, 2009

Pictures of all our materials!

I got this dry erase board to put on the wall right where we school to answer the ever present question of, "What's next?" I'm hoping it serves as a good visual reminder of how much is left.
And when to expect certain rotating subjects. I have a much more detailed on in my master binder, but this should be good for Sweet Pea.

Latin- Prima Latina.

Language Arts- at the top is the always present binder. Underneath is Writing with Ease 1 with the workbook, First Language Lessons (or the butterfly book as Sweet Pea calls it), Spelling Workout, Mad Libs Jr., and a cursive copybook.

Math- on the left is the Singapore stuff- challenging word problems 1 (I don't know if we're starting this quite yet!), and 2A and 2B. Then the Miquon for the year- the Orange book we've already begun, and the red book. All the assorted mama helps, too. And our beloved Patternables book.

History! We are doing Story of the World, Vol. 1. We have some of the suggested coloring books, the Activity Guide, the test booklet, the book itself, and in the binder I have schedules and places to put the completed work. We'll flesh this out with a lot of material from the library.

Below are our "elective"- home ec. (Sweet Pea's specifically requested to start this), catechism materials, Artistic Pursuits, and character building.

Sweet Pea helped haul it all out and group it together- and she's really excited. What I'm less then thrilled about is returning everything to a state of order- the chaos from locating all the bits and pieces that I had stored in various areas has caught up with me!

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