Friday, January 11, 2013

Deafening Echoes and thoughts on planning

I promise I am still around. I am! My newest baby is now an ancient two months old and sanity is beginning to reign here once more.

I have been reading and digesting a lot of material from CiRCE. Good stuff. It's altering what I thought we were doing here and why.

And the number of students in my little homeschool! Moose is turning three in a matter of weeks. Three! How did we get here, so fast? This fall I will have Sweet Pea in fourth grade, Little Bird in first grade, and Moose in preschool, with my sweet baby boy along for the ride. Yikes!

I'm reading books for the hundredth time and scouring web sites and discussions. I'm trying to take an honest look at each child where they are right now and where I want them by the end of the year..l and where we want to go next year.

Anyone else having similar thoughts?

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  1. Congrats on newest baby, what will he be called for your blog? I'm sorry I haven't congratulated you before, I knew about him though!
    We basically had a year break from school. We did school daily but the only thing we did daily was math, there were just so many interruptions with moving twice in a year plus for several months most of our belongings including school materials were packed up. So we did other subjects besides math sometimes but not daily. It's not as bad as it sounds-the subjects that were not done daily were subjects like Latin. But it wasn't how I planned to do homeschool. Finally after Christmas break we got back to all subjects again. I'm pleased with the progress we made in just one week. If we focus on the days that Lamb 3 is in preschool the other two can finish school-all subjects-in about an hour-then the rest of the day is free for practicing piano, reading independently, recently watching Magic School Bus DVDS, and then playing-recently with Snap Circuits and Legos. They love the Snap Circuits they got from Great Grandma for Christmas-thanks for the recommendation! Great Grandma was shocked to see Snap Circuits on their wish list but it was an easy thing for her to get at Barnes and Noble. She thinks her grandboys are so intelligent to play with a toy that teaches them about circuits! After teaching in the classroom it is amazing to me how much we can accomplish in homeschool in such a short time-it is so helpful to work with them right at the exact level they are at.
    So that was a long answer, that I've planned what I want to accomplish the rest of this year, not ready at this point to start planning next year, but we're finally heading in a good direction!



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