Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Progress? What's that?

Oh, wait, it's what seems to be happening here!

Sweet Pea finished her Classical Writing Primer and no longer turns every writing assignment into a battle. I ordered her Writing Tales 1 to work through next and I hope she loves it. I think we are finally about ready to move on from the constitution and the Revolutionary War. I'm glad that we have the time to linger and dig deeper. I'm just ready for a change.

Little Bird finished the K level of Hooked on Phonics! She's not about 10% through the 1st grade box. Once we get through that I will add in the Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading (OPG). I've just found the pacing and presentation of OPG seems to go better for us once we have a good handle on blending and sitting and tracking words across the page. She's also in love with Fred- as in Life of Fred math. We are doing Apples together and I think it is the perfect introduction to more formal math.

This year I finally feel like we have found of rhythm and the way I teach and the way the kids learn.

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