Saturday, May 28, 2011

Week Two Schedule LCC + AO

This is the general daily outline. You can plug your own Math, LA, Latin, and foreign language choices in the appropriate spots. Ideally, Latin, LA, Math, and foreign language would take 20 minutes or so as advocated on Ambleside. The order I pulled with modifications from LCC. The Walter de la Mare selections can be found numbered here. You can read more about the English studies, modern studies, and classical studies categories on Ambleside.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Latin Latin Latin Latin Latin
Math Math Math Math Math
Music Music Music Music Music
French French French French French

English Modern Science Classical English
Studies Studies Studies Studies

Monday: English studies- Walter de la Mare 5 & 6, and Understood Betsy ch 1
Tuesday: An Island Story ch 23, Child's History of the World ch 47, 2nd half of ch 1 the Little Duke
Wednesday: Burgess Animal Book III OR Nature study OR other science
Thursday: Tree in the Trail ch 2 & 3 (geography) and Norse myths
Friday: Walter de la Mare 7& 8, second section of Pilgrim's Progress

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