Saturday, May 7, 2011

Next year's lineup?

Little Bird

Saxon Math K

Cursive First

Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading/ Hooked on Phonics K

Booklist: Ambleside Year 0

Sweet Pea
2nd Grade

Saxon Math 2-3

Reading: Ambleside 2

Language Arts: Shurley English? The modern speller?

Science: Earth Space

History: 1000- Middle Ages

French: Le Francais Facile


Artistic Pursuits


  1. Since you have a question mark next to Shurley English, may I offer a bit of advice? My kids used Shurley in Lutheran Day School. I could not stand it. They could not stand it. I think it is probably an OK program, but it is tedious and obnoxious. I see that you use Rod and Staff Science. Have you thought about Rod and Staff English? I LOVE it. I think it is the bomb. I fully believe that my kids do as well in Latin as they do thanks to R&S. My oldest used R&S from 3-7 grade. He is very good at picking out the English errors on the SAT questions. Just a thought. It is cheap, reusable, and easy, easy to do. In fact, I did the early grades almost all orally.

  2. We used Rod and Staff English this last year and we're dropping it. :) Thanks for the advice about Shurley- tedious is not something we need!



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