Monday, May 23, 2011

Classical Writing Primer

I have Spring in my possession and I've been paging through it. I'd like to briefly compare it to Writing with Ease.

Classical Writing Primer (CW) is a consumable workbook. There is also a teacher help book, and a file to download with pictures for picture study.
-the lines for writing are single lines, no dotted mid line
-lots of space for illustration
-has around 7-10 sentences per day from what I've seen
-includes copywork, narration, picture study, nature study, grammar, and spelling

I think that the selections are really sweet. I like the length of the writing assignments.

Writing with Ease (WWE) also has a consumable student book. There is a separate teacher's manual.
-dotted lines, but large
-has pictures you can color, no illustration
-1-2 sentences per day
-includes copywork, narration, and dictation (at higher levels)

Overall, I really prefer CW's primer to the WWE level we used. I didn't feel like WWE contained enough writing and I wasn't really thrilled with the books the samples were drawn from. Both programs are similar in price.

I'm looking forward to working through Primer and seeing how we like the rest of Classical Writing!


  1. Thanks for this comparison. I found you via a search for CW primer. I just fell upon it recently and am considering using it instead of Serl's Primary Language Lessons for my 2nd grader in the Fall. I wondered why I wasn't interested in WWE, but this appealed to me. Thanks again!

  2. THANK YOU, SO MUCH for taking the time to write this comparison. I have both First Language Lessons and Writing with Ease and I just felt blah about both. I stumbled upon CW PRIMER (and your blog) and thought: WOW! This SOUNDS like what I'm looking for... but wasn't sure, UNTIL I read this post. I'm making the purchase NOW! THANK YOU!!!!
    (P.S.) I LOVE YOUR BLOG, btw!!!



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