Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New school year

This is my first school year with two official students. I have a big kindergartener and a third grader!  My, how time flies. It really seems like very recent history when Sweet Pea was starting kindergarten.
My philosophy at heart hasn't really changed, but how it plays out has. Some of it has just been the learning process of me learning about my children. Some of it is the wildly different learning styles of my two girls. Some of it is natural changes with time.
For my oldest the bulk of the plan to to continue on with what we started last year. We are about half way through American history with Sonlight so it's natural to continue on to the second half and finish the story. Alongside US history we will keep studying Greek and Norse mythology. Math is another logical progression for now. Continue with Saxon. We're still chugging with Latin and French, although with less intensity then I pictured when we started. Science is earth/space, although she has recently expressed some interest in chemistry and we may explore that as well. I am still looking for a religion curricula that requires less of me putting it together, but I don't think it's out there right now.
Little Bird has done really well with beginning phonics. I'm loosely hoping to be done with the bulk of phonics instruction by the end of the year. We will see! She hasn't done a lot of handwriting yet formally. I have tried a few times to introduce cursive and she hasn't been ready. She prints on her own and writes little words. I'd like to see some more progress on that this year. She also hasn't done written math yet because Saxon K is mostly manipulative based. By the end of the year I'd like to have made that switch. We will read through the Sonlight Core A books for general social studies and literature and she's welcome to listen in on her big sister's mythology. Latin and French together, religion, too.
Ok, now how this is playing out in practicality vs. my repetitive planning posts (hey, you can repeat things sporadically!) is a lot of time reading together, math and writing as seat work, and goals of consistently cheerfully accomplished work.
Since we are just starting for the year I'm having each of them daily work on a single subject until that is going smoothly. I'm hoping next week to add another subject. For Sweet Pea that's daily math and for Little Bird it's reading and phonics.

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