Monday, July 26, 2010


What is everyone doing for science next year? How important is science in the elementary years? Is nature study like Charlotte Mason advocated enough? What about experiments vs. book work?



  1. There's a huge school of thought about the importance of "discovery-based" science education, wherein you set up an "experiment" (really a project, since the outcome is generally known), and then the kids do the project, and are supposed to extrapolate and learn principles through that.

    Yeah, I went to Georgia Tech and majored in biology, and I think that's hooey. I do plan to have the kids do a "science fair project" (even there's no science fair to enter!) in later years (maybe this year, fifth, for G, maybe not until next year). And the projects ARE important. But I think that facts and basic concepts ARE important, and I think they do need to be explicitly taught.

    I think the WTM approach is actually pretty good, since it's a broad foundation and could in theory spark further interest. I personally don't feel nature study is 'enough,' but then I also feel like some components of it just come about as part of life, yk?

  2. I totally agree with you, Kash.



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