Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A planning we will go...

Alright. Ready. I think.

I've started mapping out, week by week, our next year!

Right now I'm working on religion. For both kids I'm going to use a Child's Garden of Bible Stories as a spine, along with the Old Testament workbook. Since it's only 28 lessons we'll also do a week long study of 8 Feasts or big church holidays mixed in.

Along with the Garden of Bible stories for Sweet Pea we'll also use Ergermeier's Bible Stories, the Early Reader's Bible, and the Bible (we're using An American Translation for her).

For Little Bird I'll add in the Rhyme Bible for Toddlers.

For both kids we'll also be drawing heavily from our complete collection of the Arch Books.

We'll also be using My First Catechism and the workbook for Sweet Pea.

If anyone is interested in my weekly schedule for the Child's Garden with the add ins, let me know!


  1. I'm hesitant to post this comment. Please don't be mad at me for giving this unasked for advice. I would warn you to be cautious with a Child's Garden of Bible stories. When I taught in the classroom, I noticed a few times that there were things that weren't quite like the Bible. I can't remember specific examples, but my dad (LCMS pastor) happened to be in my classroom one day during religion and he stopped my lesson to make a correction-I think it was the story of the 3 men in the fiery furnace. This is going to happen any time you have a paraphrase instead of the actual Bible story, but it seemed to be worse in Child's Garden than in 100 Bible stories. I would encourage you to have Sweet Pea read the stories (or parts of the stories) directly out of the Bible since she is such a good reader. I say that after teaching 1st and 2nd grades at a classical Lutheran school and I think Sweet Pea could handle it. If you do choose to use Childs Garden, then I would personally read the Bible story again before teaching the lesson. They are all familiar stories but we don't always remember the details.

    After saying that, I would be interested in your schedule because maybe I could use it in a little different way. We own every Arch book from when I was little and many modern ones too. We use the Sunday School Bible posters and we work slowly through the series for our homeschool religion class. I also like Ergemeiers for the questions-when I'm tired I don't have to think of questions to make sure they were listening-and my active boys need that!

    However you end up doing the schedule, I think it is good to plan it out. Sometimes we have so many great materials that it is easy to forget to use one. It is also good to focus on what both girls need-sometimes my middle child gets forgotten because I focus on the oldest when I'm planning.

  2. Don't be hesitant- that's good to know! I'll have my husband read through it. I am planning on reading the Child's Garden, the Ergmeier's, and the actual story from the bible all in the same week, so if there is an inconsistency we can skip the CGB story.

    And that's very true about the schedule and why I'm making one for each child for all the stuff that I want to make it through- I don't want anyone missing out!!



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