Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Insert clever title here

Thinking up a title is a hard part of this for me- doesn't saying, "Daily Report" or similar get redundant? Isn't blogging daily what we did redundant?
I don't know.
I'm also evaluating what I blog about here, whether I want to keep it so narrow as to mostly be a narrative of what we accomplish- or don't, or whether I want to talk about other things as well. Probably still homeschool-related, or at least child-related.
I also don't know.

Anyway. Today we read another chapter of Charlotte's Web. Sweet Pea requested that when we finish this, we start Little House on Rocky Ridge, and I think that's a great plan. This tandem outloud reading has mostly taken the place of regular phonics.
Sweet Pea did the day's page in Writing with Ease- I'm really, really looking forward to when this is done and we can try something else for Language Arts.
She did exercises 1-6 of Unit 2: Number Bonds in Primary Mathematics. I think she could have done the last exercise as well, but I left it for tomorrow so we could get outside to play. Taking the extra time to practice the number bonds really paid off- she did the pages easily and confidently and I feel good about us moving forward.

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