Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 24, great beginning!

I know that I said not too long ago that we'd be taking a hiatus from scheduled schooling. Apparently, it's not yet time. Taking that part of the schedule away actually led to more chaos and stress during the day, so back at it we are!
We started the morning with Spelling Workout. I am definitely not continuing this next year, but it seems wasteful to not use what we have, as long as Sweet Pea doesn't hate it. She's amenable, so we're still chugging along.

After that we worked on Earlybird more. We did two of the three money lessons, and I think tomorrow we'll do the third. That leaves the review pages and we'll be done! I will say that workbook pages make a poor substitute with money- we have a Melissa and Doug set of play money that I brought out and that made much more sense. We'll continue using that to play store- I think that's the best way to do money at this age.

We did the first part of week 24 in our writing program. 12 more weeks and we're finished with this, too!

Sweet Pea did a page from Cursive First next. We are almost finished with this, as well. I'm not sure what the best tactic is at that point- this is the second run through of all the pages, and I don't really want to be doing a third. I don't know if we should just let a handwriting program go for now, or look for another one, or just correct penmanship in the course of other Language Arts work. I also don't know physically how much neater her writing can get at this age- she is still five.

Later today we'll do the Ordinary Parent's Guide and catechism, and that'll round out the day.

Sweet Pea's new book that she is reading to herself (with help as needed) is Little House on Rocky Ridge.

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