Sunday, February 7, 2010

End in sight

I think that we will finish Singapore Earlybird 2B this week. It's a little bittersweet- this is one of the very first programs that we started at the beginning of the homeschool journey. We started it back when Sweet Pea was four along with the Rod and Staff Preschool series. It's served us well, taking us from beginning familiarity with numbers and shapes to addition and subtraction.
When we started the Earlybird series we combined it with Miquon, but that fell by the wayside pretty quickly because it just wasn't a good fit here. Singapore stuck, and we recently added Math Mammoth, which I think will also stick for a while.
We're not done with math for the year after this, though. We'll roll into Primary Mathematics 1A right away. I'm pretty sure that Sweet Pea will be ready for it.
It's exciting to be moving forward in such an important subject!

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