Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daily reporting continued

We are enjoying First Language Lessons. Sweet Pea did Lesson 10 today- very exciting to write and discuss her own special name. :)
Earlybird Mathematics is going well as well. She's half way through lesson 18 and was very disappointed to see that the book is almost over- until I told her we had another one to do next.
Writing with Ease- what can I say. Sweet Pea doesn't hate it, but I'm beginning to. It just moves so slowly, and seems overly simple. We'll continue slogging through for now- but it's seeming less and less enticing day by day for me.


  1. Have you read the hardback Writing With Ease? Granted, I haven't used WWE since it came out too late for G and J isn't there yet, but I think it does seem simple just because it's laying such a foundation.

  2. I do- and I loved it. It made so much sense. Until we started working through it. Now I'm confused- I like the idea but it seems to easy for Sweet Pea right now.

  3. I am concerned about that as well, and I'll probably start Jacob on it during his "K" year (if not before - he's highly motivated with writing but not so much reading, so I'd love to challenge him some).

    Have you tried telescoping it? Give her the end-of-section "tests" like in the hardback, and jump to the beginning of the section that she doesn't "pass."

  4. We started FLL in 2d grade and love it. My son will start at the beginning as you have. I enjoy reading your journey with it =)

  5. What program do you think you'll go to once she finishes Writing With Ease?



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