Friday, September 4, 2009

Curricula review time!

Now that we're getting a feel for what we're using, how it fits, and what we like.

For Math
: we're continuing with our tangrams- still a win! Singapore- still a win. Miquon- Sweet Pea is enjoying this a little less right now, although I'm not sure why. Some of it the way that they are introducing addition- sliding the blocks and then sliding numbers. We'll see.
For Reading: I have to admit that we are in a McGuffey slump. We are doing the Ordinary Parent's Guide regularly, and while I can't say that Sweet Pea really LIKES it, it's short and effective. We are not using Hooked on Phonics any longer, unless I feel like Sweet Pea needs reinforcing or if she wants to read one of the stories.
For Language Arts: I like Spelling Power. It's pretty independent and so far all review. Sweet Pea enjoys it and is working steadily. Writing With Ease- this one is tougher. I like it, and I like it a lot. Sweet Pea on the other hand does not enjoy it quite so much, mostly because it's work. It's probably one of the more academically challenging things she's doing right now. We will continue to do it, and be grateful that it's short. First Language Lessons is a much bigger hit, on all sides.
For History: Story of the World is a hit. The activity guide is a bigger hit. I'm not sure how much is being retained- and that's the big benefit is the history rotation. There's no pressure to pund all the finer points of ancient history into my little one's head- it's just an introduction.
Latin and all others: I must confess that we are not yet doing any extras. So far we are doing our core, and regularly. Once we're more settled we'll add in the electives.


  1. Love seeing Sweet Pea's drawings, looking forward to seeing more!

    Can't wait to start SOTW! It is taking all my power just to wait just 4 more months. Although tempting I think 4 might be a bit too early to start, hehe.

    We use OPG too, not the most exciting, but it gets the job done, and does it efficiently, imo. We're on lesson 58 I think.

  2. From what I understand- starting SOTW 1 isn't the issue, usually- it's if you finish SOTW 1 and jump into SOTW2. I understand that the content is much deeper and more difficult to process.



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