Thursday, April 9, 2009


I always feel silly writing these things, but it's always one of the first things that I look for in someone else's blog.
As of the beginning of April, 2009, M, or Sweet Pea, is five years old. She's a big fan of the Magic Schoolbus, drawing, reading books about dragons and outer space, and pretending she's a princess. Her favorite subjects are math and science and in her free time she can often be found making crafts or caught up in an elaborate game of make believe.
G or Little Bird turns two in early May, 2009. She's not doing any formal education yet. She loves building with Duplos, playing with her sister, and puzzles. She's an easy going, happy toddler and is currently battling seizures.
I'm the mama of the family. I'm a bibliophile and slightly obsessed with reading about everything that strikes my fancy. When I'm not playing with the kids, cleaning up from our latest project or struggling to find time for everything I love to curl up with a book and daydream.
The papa doesn't do much with the homeschooling since his job has him very busy and working an unpredictable schedule. He's a pastor and it seems like he's always coming and going- and we have lots of fun when he's around.

A brief explanation about how we landed where we are in regards to homeschooling- we know a lot of families that homeschool but until I had children it was never something I really thought that I'd end up doing. Sweet Pea went to a year of private preschool and she was miserable. She came home crying more days then not some weeks and had a hard time socially. She's a very intense child and very sensitive as well. She also was overwhelmed and didn't learn well in a group setting- she was too busy processing everything that was going on and what she did know she was unwilling to demonstrate to the teacher.
We moved to a new house in a new state for the third time in as many years and made the decision to keep Sweet Pea home and let her regroup. Because she was interested in continuing the things she'd been learning in preschool I started thinking more about homeschooling and researching some fun, gentle things we could do at home. We began Rod and Staff's preschool curriculum and she loved it. We added in Singapore's Earlybird Mathematics and she loved that even more.
At this time I began reading heavily about homeschooling and different methods. A book that really spoke to me was the Latin Centerred Curriculum- and then I read the Well Trained Mind. I knew at that point that Classical Education was the fit for our family.
Sweet Pea has finished all her preschool stuff and is working on some Kindergarten stuff and some First Grade materials. And she's happy and learning. And our family is happy.
We've arrived.

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