Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shopping the shelves

I know I posted plans for the upcoming year that were different. I reserve the right to tweak until I start buying.

Inspired by the CiRCE info and some thrifty threads I have been trolling through my shelves.

I have enough stuff already purchased to do Middle Ages history next year. Usually history is a big chunk of my budget since we do a lot of books along with it, so this is great.

My oldest was hitting a wall of sorts with Saxon math. It wasn't too hard but it was becoming too time consuming. I switched her to CLE which is cheap, seems sound, and much less time intensive. If it keeps going well I will switch Little Bird once she finished Saxon 1.

Sweet Pea is still using Writing Tales 1 and while I love the idea it's so unequal in work load. Some days it takes ten minutes and some days it's over an hour. This makes planning hard and frustrates her. I believe we may try CLE language arts, as well.

Little Bird is working rapidly through Hooked on Phonics 2nd grade! She's making great progress and once she's done I will finish phonics out with the Ordinary Parent's Guide, which I already own. Handwriting is going great as well and she's almost ready to transition from handwriting to copy work.

Once I comb my shelves more I hope to post with more updated plans!

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