Sunday, December 11, 2011

Must keep trying

OK, the formatting on those pictures is wacky, but I can't figure out how to fix it. Apple- I love your computer, why doesn't it love me back?


This last week we headed down to Denver as a small field trip. Denver is the "big city" for my kids and it's fun to watch them experience it.

I'm also getting really exicted about Christmas. The kids will have some really cool gifts. They also (well, the girls) are in the children's Christmas pageant at our church and they are really excited about learning their parts and the songs.

Sweet Pea doesn't know it yet, but she's learning Chess this spring. I can't wait!

This is one of those seasons where homeschooling just going going really well. Things WORK. Things are getting done. We're happy and productive and it's just... just what I wanted. Directly related to that is our large absence from the internet because I'm busy and doing this kinda all the time. So bear with me through this season.

I'll be back with more scintilating blogging. I will. Promise!

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