Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tea/snack time

I've read about this a lot of other homeschool blogs and certain forums. I'd like to share my concept of snack/tea time.

I like to make something that has a little bit of lag time from preparation to eating. Today the menu featured homemade blueberry, banana, chocolate chip muffins.

Preparing them is a good reinforcer of math- especially since we live at high altitude and every single recipes needs altering. Every one.

Waiting as the smell fills the house is a lesson in patience. It also gives us time to work together on picking up or a cleaning project- something that can be hard to work in for some families. For us, knowing that a delicious snack is coming is a powerful motivator!

Eating together at this time is a good chance for the kids to chat, both between themselves and with me. So often we're working one on one or I am busy, but table time is a wonderful time to focus JUST on them. It's also a good chance to do fun things like practice French or use Latin.

Those are my meager thoughts.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for posting this, I never thought of some of your thoughts that way. I may steal this idea from you. I do like tea time as it sounds more sophisticated and a family activity than snack time like a preschool would have.



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