Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sweet Pea can ride a bike!!!!!!!!!!!

Using the method on this site.

Seriously- I had despaired of ever teaching her how. She could fall with training wheels!

A few weeks ago we tried without training wheels and she was so wobbly that I had to literally hold her up.

Three times of trying it this way and she's riding!


Also, I think it's kind of a classical approach.

Work on skills in isolation, then combine and reap the rewards.

I'm so proud. :)

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  1. Ooh, I want so badly to get Satori to learn how to ride a bike. We got one this spring, but it's been so snowy here this spring! I went biking today while the rest of the family walked, and was hoping that would get her excited to learn.

    The guy who sold us the bike told us to take the pedals off, lower the seat, and just scoot around to get used to balancing. I think three tries like Sweet Pea did sounds much, much faster/easier!

    Off to watch the video.

    Oh, it is the same as our guy taught us! Lol, we will have to work on this. :)



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