Thursday, March 31, 2011

Homeschooling and the law

Especially as it pertains to reporting.

I had finally fully wrapped my head around Minnesota's homeschooling statute and what was required. I was comfortable. I knew what to do and when, and where, and why. This is good!

I'm a list-maker, and I like having a firm grip on as many of the details of a situation as possible.

This moving thing is throwing a giant monkey wrench in my well ordered homeschool world. We haven't done a full school week since this has started.

Subjects hanging in the wind! Chaos!

I know we'll get back on track and fortunately we had already finished a good deal of the work for the year. We'll be OK on this front.

I am now trying to look into all the things I need to do to legally homeschool once we are settled in our new home. I'm a little befuddled. I'd had years to look at the previous material and now only months!

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